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Post Construction Cleaning Services

When you are looking to put your property on the market or purchase new property, you want it to look its absolute best to potential buyers. This is where East Side Cleaning Service Inc. can help! East Side Cleaning Service Inc. offers a deep cleaning services that's certain to leave a final presentation that is clean and beautiful.

This deep cleaning service is utilized to prepare your home for sale and increase its selling potential, preparing you're home or apartment for the next tenant. Everyone loves to move into a nice clean space. Rely on the cleaning experts at East Side Cleaning Service Inc. to ensure your new home or apartment is spotless before you move in. Call us at
401-438-0535 to schedule your move in / move out cleaning service.

Move Out Cleaning

Now that the rooms are clear, its time to get your home or apartment looking just a good as it did before you moved in. This is important for a few reasons.

If this is a home or cleaning the apartment as you prepare for a sale can help increase the value of your property. For apartments, this is just as important, especially if you have a security deposit.

Apartment Move Out Cleaning.jpeg
Basket with Cleaning Items.jpeg

Move In Cleaning

Moving in to a new space is always the opportunity for a fresh start. Ensure that your home has been cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom with a deep cleaning service from East Side Cleaning Service Inc.

Our level of detail is a step above the rest as we ensure that every inch of your home gets the attention that it needs.

Every Cleaning is customized to meet the customers' needs and budget.
Call today to receive an estimate

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